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For a couple, the master bedroom is their sanctuary. You want it to help you relax, engage with each other, wind down and turn up as wanted. You want it to be personal, reflecting your sense of style. You want it to be your go-to oasis.

Check out this gorgeous styled master suite with sitting area I saw on a tour of a model home last weekend! Breath-taking, isn’t it?

Here’s how they got it to look so perfect…

pink a simple

  1. Custom Headboard – a custom headboard doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds. Use an old headboard, re-upholstered and pinned with sequins or fabricated buttons that match your tastes. A higher headboard elongates the bed and makes it seem larger. In a space as large as this, they used the headboard to increase the visual illusion of their bed. Accessorize with luscious pillows to add warmth and coziness.
  2. Neutral Walls – probably the key to starting off your colour palette right is beginning with pastel coloured walls. They went with soft white to start of their colour palette. Starting with white or cream, you can advance to build your palette as you go, in any direction your tastes take you.
  3. Wall Decals – generally, we think of wall decals being either a thing of the past, or something for the kids’ room. Nope! Wall decals are (what I like to call) wallpaper’s better half. Use wall decals to liven up a bland wall, or to add a touch of colour and style to a room. They’re less work to put up and take down (compared to wallpaper) and leave the space open for other decor items or for clear neutrality. The cherry blossoms in this room are whimsical and sweet, and they tie in perfectly to the red and cream theme.
  4. Lighting – chandeliers add a great touch, especially to beautiful vaulted ceilings like in this master bedroom. They are glamorous because of their glass/crystal textures. You can go with other styles of chandeliers based on the rest of your decor (handcrafted wooden ones, or metallic ones, or ones made of bamboo). Pot lights add elegance, sophistication and warmth.
  5. Drapes – one way to make your room appear larger is by putting long drapery panels. The drapes here are significantly longer than the end of the window sill. This extends the illusion of the window and makes it seem a lot larger than it is. The rich red colour of the drapes reaching all the way down grounds the richness and ties it in with the dark hardwood.
  6. Chairs – to make a beautiful seating area, you have to pick out beautiful seating. These twin red back-lay chairs offer a low and loungy seat, while still being beautifully upholstered and finished. When you walk into the room, they are in the forefront, and they set the tone with their lush red colour on a backdrop of gorgeous cream. Paired with a whimsical cream table set, they are toned down and tied in to the rest of the room.
  7. Vaulted Ceiling – this really makes this suite a master suite… it’s rich, it’s elegant, it’s easy to do. Variations of vaulted ceilings include: waffle ceiling, cofferred ceiling, and crowned ceiling. See which of these drama-adding looks works best for your room and style. Pot lighting adds to the drama and elegance.
  8. Rug – the perfect way to add coziness to the room is by having a rug. I recommend each bedroom have a rug at the foot of the bed (of course, this may not be practical with pets and children) because they add comfort and homeliness to the room instantly. This white fur rug contrasts with the dark hardwood but uplifts the room with this bright and clean colour in the centre.
  9. Nightstands – decorate it with books, your alarm clock, beautiful vases and lamps. A nightstand gives each of you a chance to personalize and beautify (or messy-fy) your side of the bed. Add two dramatic matching lamps to each nightstand, and let the rest happen as it may.

Beauty can come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Find your beauty and show it in your master suite — your oasis. Hope you enjoyed these styling tips… would love to see your master suite renovations and wishlists!

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pink a simple

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