On this road

When I close my eyes,

I can envision our first meeting


I can feel myself sitting in the driver seat, my throne;

“I am the ruler of this machine,”

I tell myself.

The engine revs under the command of my foot on the pedal,

as the car is still in neutral.

The sound is guttural.

Under the metallic yellow carbon-fibre hood is

an animal,

waiting to be unleashed; for now,

I have it under control.

There is a long, freshly-paved track before me.

The white line separating the two lanes means


to me; today, this is my road.

The trees that line both edges of this road

are huge and towering,

still wet with the rain

that fell only a few hours ago.

The sun hides feverishly behind these upright giants; sequoias,

or something.

I press a single button,

and the top effortlessly folds

and nestles itself in its compartment near the rear of the vehicle.

The sky

reveals itself over me. It is blank

and beautiful.

Not a cloud in sight, just




I can now feel the breeze:

humid, but cool; gusty,

as it should be.

I let my hair bounce about, not bothering

to sweep my frivolous front bangs off my face.

I pull the clutch

and put the car in drive.

My adrenaline is rushing.

I put my foot down on the pedal and accelerate.

The pick-up is like no other machine on four wheels

I’ve ever had the privilege to drive.

I am pushed back into the seat,

and I climb to 100 km/h in under four seconds.

It’s just me and pure speed

on this road.

Yours Truly, AJ


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