DIY brushed gold photo frame

So you want to spruce up an old painting sitting around the house? Or you want to create a unique little piece for bookcase styling or hanging in your room? Look no further… this is an easy DIY brushed gold (or any other metallic or regular colour) photo frame.

DIY brushed gold photo frame by Anushree Joshi
DIY brushed gold photo frame by Anushree Joshi

Super easy to do, takes about 30 minutes and costs less than $10!

You will need:

  • a photo frame: I picked up mine from the thrift store for $4.99. You can use anything old you have lying around the house, or you can check any department store or even the dollar store
  • acrylic paint: I used gold acrylic out of a bottle — you may choose to use any colour, and can also use spray paint. A little bottle of acrylic paint costs $0.99 at the dollar store
  • brush or applicator: I used a sponge brush because I wanted that texture. You can use a normal paint brush, sponge, crumpled up paper (for a dab effect) or any other media. A pack of brushes costs $0.99 at the dollar store
  • scrap paper or painter’s tape (optional): to cover the art. A small roll of painter’s tape from the hardware store costs $1.99

Here’s how:

  1. Cover the art using scrap paper/painters tape, if applicable. The one I used had the art attached to the frame so I covered it all with paper. If the frame is detachable, obviously take out the art so you’re only working with the frame.
  2. Paint the frame. Make sure you keep your strokes uniform so the pattern stays uniform on all sides of the frame.
  3. Let dry.
  4. For an added bonus, take a thin tip brush and paint some features of the painting also in gold (or whatever colour you’re using).
  5. Voila! You’re done.

Check out my DIY video below for complete instructions and to see how I did it!


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