They were my friends

Just because
we are not a part of each other’s lives now,
doesn’t mean we were not then.

You can’t just ignore someone’s past.

Whoever I was then, I was their friend.
The few of us were really good friends, in fact.

We thought we were the kind of clan that would stay together as
friends forever,
knowing jolly and well how cliche that sounded.

It may sound lame even now, but the least I can do it’s appreciate that that’s how we felt then.

Maybe it was naive.

No, I know it was naive.

But so what? We all were naive at some point, and some of us still are.
And there is nothing wrong with that.
Naivete is, in part, innocence.

So if you know or love someone for who they are today,
know this:
those people from their past
and those years they lived through
have played a role,
however minuscule and insignificant,
in moulding them into the person you see in front of you today.

Not everything was fun or blissful or good back then.
But it was real.
And it happened.
And the worst thing you can do is deny the past
or hate someone’s present and future because of it.

Accept a person’s past,
perhaps reason with their present,
and commit to their future, if that person is going to be in your life.

Yours Truly, AJ


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