A voice

Everyone has a voice.

Either they have one that is their own, or one they adopt.
Either it develops subtly over time,
through gradual aging and accumulation of experience,
or it can be consciously and skillfully crafted to serve a specific purpose.

Writing voices may be different than speaking voices,
varying in eloquence and emotion.

Each voice is unique,
and everyone has a voice.

Meet A.

She is the embodiment of toughness, a no-quitter go-getter.
She is always ready to work hard and smart.
She is powerful and successful, having the highest expectations of me.
She drives me to reach my potential.
She is critical and judgmental, yet inspirational.
She pushes me to test my limits, and keeps me on track.
She reminds me consistently of the Chinese proverb,
When sleeping women wake, mountains move.
She ensures I don’t succumb to the laziness that is slumber.
“Sleep when you’re dead!” she tells me.

She keeps me on my toes,
and she does it all from inside my own head.

Everyone has a voice.

A is mine.

Yours Truly, AJ

A version of this was originally submitted in June 2015 as an assignment for a writing class I am taking at York University, Toronto.


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