Photo Blog | Cheltenham Badlands (Caledon, ON)

Ontario is blessed with numerous landscapes and varying biodiversity. Ontario, Yours To Discover, is truly an invitation to explore the depths and breadths of the natural wonders within the province.

One such nearby wonder, located just a few minutes from the heart of Caledon, are the Cheltenham Badlands. Located on Old Base Line Road, at the northwest edge of town, the Badlands are a treat for the eye.

Cheltenham Badlands by Anu J Photography.
Cheltenham Badlands by Anu J Photography.

Click on the image above and zoom in to view a high-res panorama of the Badlands from the visitors’ peak.

You find yourself on a gloomy day, driving through suburbian Brampton and Caledon, all the way up up up north (kind of) to King Road. But you don’t stop there. Although it’s the extremity for many, today’s journey will take you far past King, past all the other boundaries you knew. Turn onto Old Base Line Road, anticipating the Badlands to suddenly appear. They won’t, though… not just yet.

The road is wet from the short shower which lasted barely minutes. The windows are down, letting in the cool, fresh air, and rejuvenating scent of washed earth. It’s spring. The skies are still cloudy, without a hint of true golden sunshine. But the inevitable cloud-filtered daylight illumiates the gloomy skyscape in a way that no sunshine ever could. No offense, Sun.

Driving along the rolling hills of northern Caledon, surrounded by the tallest trees — deciduous, mostly — and wet paved roads. It’s out of a fairytale, I tell you. Visibility is restricted, as the highs and lows of the rolling hills are… well… very high and very low.

You’ll notice, heading north, a small clearing on the left-hand side. The earth is redder, the treeline is clearer, the shoulder is wider. Pull over, get out of your car, and have your breath taken away.


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