Over the last few days, many people have approached me about Mother’s Day. “What are you doing for Mother’s Day?” “What are you getting for your mom?”

Nothing. I’m not getting her anything.

Nothing. We aren’t doing anything for Mother’s Day…

Nothing… except what we do everyday.

We fight, we argue, we have differences of opinion. We curse, we yell, we think we know it all. We do what we do everyday.

She acts like my mother, and I act like her daughter. And sometimes vice versa. We do what we do everyday.

At the end of the day, I know that she’s looking out for me. From the day I was born, she’s been looking after me. Protecting me. Being there for me.

She’s kissed away every boo-boo, rebuilt my esteem every time I’d have needed it, laughed at my lame jokes (when I was little — she doesn’t anymore), explained the answers to all my never-ending “What If?” and “Why?” questions, supported me in things I do, called out my mistakes and helped me fix them, wiped away every tear, watched every Saturday morning cartoon with me, and finished my every unfinished bite and meal.

She’s my mom, and I love her.

I don’t love her on May 10th this year any different than I did on May 9th or will on May 12th. I won’t love her any different next year than I did last year. I love her like anyone loves their mother — unconditionally.

Shout out to all those skeptics who say “Oh why is Mother’s Day such a big deal? It’s so commercialized, like today’s the one day you’re supposed to be nice to your mother. You should do that everyday.”

Sure, you should. But do you?

How long has it been since you’ve called her? Don’t lie and say you don’t ignore a single one of her texts. Didn’t you disregard the curfew she gave you as a teenager? And of course you hated it if she picked out your clothes in your pre-teen years. You don’t buy her flowers everyday. Do you talk to her all the time?


Yet, I’m sure she wishes you would. Call. Visit. See her. Spend time with her. So what if there is a day designated to her? Celebrate it. Celebrate her! Celebrate mothers and all that they do. So what if it’s once a year? Do it more, if you can. And if you can’t, do it today. What’s the harm?

Shout out to all the skeptics who are being bitter for no reason. I want to buy my mother flowers on May 31st, I will. I want to call her on June 8th, I will. I want to take her out for dinner on February 3rd, I will. Stop hatin’ on Mother’s Day being so commercialized and focus on what all that attention is doing for your relationship with your own mother(s).

Focus your energy on her, not on hatin’ corporations for taking advantage of Mother’s Day sentiments to sell you flowers, chocolates, etc. They are doing such a horrible thing by advertising mother’s gifts, right?! And you’re not doing anything horrible at all ever for your relationship with her, right?

Live and let live.

Happy freaking mothers day.

Yours Truly, AJ


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