Photo Blog | “Elora Gorge-ous” Elora Gorge (Elora, ON)

Elora Gorge is located about an hour and a half from the centre of Toronto (northeast of Guelph), and one of the most fascinating places to visit for a day trip in spring, summer, or fall!

Getting to Elora is the easy part… exploring is the tougher, more fun part!

There are 3 main components to Elora, aside from being a lovely little town, that I’ve derived based on my visit(s) there.

The Gorge

The Gorge itself is beautiful (as pictured in the featured image). Be sure to check out The Hole In The Rock, a cool cave-like formation in the rock structure of the park. You can go tubing or canoeing through the Grand River, and go camping at the grounds there as well.

The Trails

There are many hiking trails throughout the area. You can stop and picnic at some of them, set up a day camp, etc. There is detailed information available online and here as well: hiking trails in Elora.

The Quarry

This area of the park is really aside from the Gorge… it is a short walk/drive from it. There is a small beach and very large watering hole. I have seen people swimming, canoeing, kayaking, building sand castles, sunbathing, and cliff jumping. Be safe, and follow park rules!

For more information on Elora and the surrounding area, check out these few links:

Happy travels!



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