Photo Blog | Mackinac Island (Mackinaw Island, MI, USA)

I visited Mackinaw Island with my family as part of a time-share-hop we did in the US. Other locations included (more on those later): Myrtle Beach, SC; Lincoln, NH; Williamsburg, VA.

Mackinaw Island, Michigan, is accessible from the two mainland cities of Mackinaw City and St Ignace. With such a rich and delicate history, this region is one of the purest that ‘Pure Michigan’ can get. It was a wonderful trip.

Shepler’s Ferry

There are a few companies operating ferries to the island, but Shepler’s had the most real estate on the dock and the best prices. Tickets for adults are $25 but if you buy online, you can get them for $23 each. Find more information about Shepler’s ferry tickets here. Go early to avoid lineups, and if possible, pick up something for lunch before you get on the boat — the island itself is very expensive for dining.

Historic Streets of Mackinaw Island

Rich in history, and in tourist attractions! Consider having high tea at the Grand Hotel (not pictured here) or grabbing a sweet feeling from the numerous fudge shops (also not pictured here… we were too busy trying 100s of different fudge flavours).

Biking Around the Island

Biking on this beautiful island is a real treat! There are two large bike rental stores on the island: Ryba’s Bike Shop and Mackinac Island Bike Shop. Most packages have a standardized rental time, so use all the time you pay for. There is a single trail that goes around the circumference of the island, and it takes about 2.5 hours to complete, including breaks to admire the beautiful views of Lake Michigan, Arch Rock, the beautiful churches, and more. We stopped and had a mini picnic on our way around the island.


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