Ladies, rape is your fault

All India Backchod (AIB) is a comedy podcast that says that they provide “a weekly sketch show from India’s edgiest [and most] politically incorrect comedy collective.”

Indeed, “edgy” and “politically incorrect” may be two terms that come to mind when you watch the video above, It’s Your Fault.

In light of the recent and historic events that take place around the world pertaining to women and the unfathomable abuse towards women, I’d like to share this video. Cynical and rhetoric, it brings light to the issue of blaming the victim of a rape. The usual ‘don’t dress like a slut/whore/skank if you don’t want to get raped’ is standard with womanizers (and rapists, no matter how much they try to defend themselves) across the globe, I’m sure.

This video actually sums up the issue quite well. It was a good watch in that it was bang-on with the issues within this issue, but it saddened me at the end to know that this is such an obvious and prevalent truth of today that to reverse or to correct it will take ages! And that, honestly, is the saddest and most depressing thought about society that I have had today. I wish raising awareness of these issues was enough, but I at least hope it’s a step in the right direction.


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