Meaningful Beginnings

So it seems that this is my umpteenth time starting a blog. Like people who say they’ll quit a bad habit (“I’m going to quit. This is my last time”), I’ll say the following: I’m going to start. This is my last “first” blog post.

Commitment to writing, like commitment to anything in life, is key. Although I enjoyed writing from a very young age, I didn’t consider myself a writer… and in many ways, I still don’t. But if I have realized one thing about writing, it is that writing is long and lonely work. But with the right attitude, commitment and drive, it can be extremely rewarding.

Writing gives you time to explore yourself and your world, and reflect on it in the quiet pen-to-paper realm of your mind (or today’s fingertips-to-keyboard realm). Regardless of what about, writing gives the writer the chance to review and reflect not only on their own life and experiences, but also those anticipate experiences that he has never had, and may or may not have in the future. Either way, it can be an exploration, a realization or a reflection on things that matter most to whom is writing.

This 240-word blog post is my pledge to write… to do what I love by reflecting on the world around me, trying to understand it piece by piece, and in that process somewhere, maybe even finding answers to questions I don’t know exist yet.

Yours Truly, AJ


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