I am not a confrontational person

Many people think that they know me to be outgoing, well-articulated, bold, and aggressive. I am all of those things, in moderation, and at times. I am not always outgoing; sometimes, I want to be alone, by myself. I am not always well-articulated; sometimes, I just need to think my thoughts to myself and feel… Continue reading I am not a confrontational person

The last bookstore in LA

We headed to downtown Los Angeles that day with one goal: avoid Skid Row. We had read reviews online about the shadiest areas to avoid, and great places to live for the week we were there. For two 20-something [attractive] females, in our society... safety is an obvious concern. I hate that we have to… Continue reading The last bookstore in LA

Imposter syndrome

I've been putting off writing about this for a while, and that's probably because I was too scared of the reality that this actually affects me. I didn't think I'd be subject to "wonky ways" of the mind, but alas, it turns out I am, and I've realized that is not something to be stigmatized.… Continue reading Imposter syndrome

Life projects

I had an interesting talk with my mom this morning. Well it was mostly me talking and her listening, which is an interesting dynamic since it's rare. I'm not saying my mom talks too much, rather that most of our conversations are more collaborative and I can talk to her mostly openly and we add… Continue reading Life projects

The Upskilling Imperative

Written by Shelly Osborne, who is the VP of Learning at Udemy, this book highlights the ways in which we can become better at work through the process of continuous learning. Here are my top 5 takeaways for her book, The Upskilling Imperative. It starts with you. You must dedicate yourself to continuously improving.Accept ignorance.… Continue reading The Upskilling Imperative

Conversation strategies to build trust, resolve conflict, and improve intimacy

Even though we have two ears and one mouth, and should use them in that proportion... most people in our fast-paced society are often way better talkers than we are listeners. Probably including myself, but I'm trying to change that. Instead of discussing the many benefits of clear communication and active listening, I'll tell you… Continue reading Conversation strategies to build trust, resolve conflict, and improve intimacy